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Let It Snow

When my daughter went to bed last night, I told her she could wear her new snowflake outfit to school if it snowed this morning.

It did.

Now, the sun is shining, and no one would know that a dusting of white covered the grass just a few short hours ago.  But it’s still cold, and, while I can’t wait to take them out in the snow, these plain ol’ cold and damp days where the wind cuts through you aren’t my cup of tea.  Add a newborn baby to the mix and I’m set for doing something to keep them busy indoors. And so we begin our next Advent activity. 

When I was growing up, heck, even now, I always had an Advent calendar.  Always.  Even as a single gal, I’d have one on my door, and write to my now-husband each morning when I got to work with what was behind that day’s door.  And I never had the ones with candy, just the simple ones with a manger scene and 24 doors, all leading up to the magic of Christmas.

In continuing the annual tradition with my children, they have had the standard Advent calendars like when I was growing up, but this year, besides having a hard time finding one without candy and a picture of Santa, we’re making our own.  And that is what will keep us all busy for at least a little while this afternoon. 

I have a ton of glass baby food jars that I saved for someone’s art class that were never picked up.  They’re still in my basement, beckoning to be used, but, silly me, I volunteered them to be used as craft supplies for a community group.  I still have a bunch of the plastic ones, so we’re going to see what can be done with those.

The older two picked out small treats (tootsie rolls or 1-bite candies) and stashed enough aside from Halloween to use for just this purpose, so each day, they’ll open a “door” and be rewarded with a little something, not to mention a verse or something Christmas-y written inside.

I hope this turns out like in my head, otherwise, I’ll have some junk sitting in my house for another month, and lord knows I don’t need that.  But I’ve recycled (“up-cycled” seems to be the popular term now) a bunch of destined for the heap plastic containers for the kids’ crafts before with great results, and I’m sure this will be no different. 

To the basement to gather the junk…er…supplies for our afternoon activities!


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