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St. Nicholas and Other Things

My eldest is too smart for my own good.  Yes, MY own good.  Last week on the way to school it was, “is Rudolph real?”  I over analyze a lot, and said that, while I’ve never seen him because he leads the sleigh while I’m sleeping, it only makes sense.  Light bulbs haven’t been around forever, so it wasn’t until fairly recently that Santa would have headlights on his sleigh, and before that, what else could he have done in the fog and snow?  Rudolph is the only logical answer.  I asked if she believed he was real, and she just gave a simple, “yes.”  Maybe I should have asked that first. See what I mean about too much info?

She has also been asking from a very early age, what gifts came from whom at random times throughout the year. (When I say “early age,” I mean very early. As in, she’s only 4, and this has been a regular thing for at least two years.) My husbands diverts all questions to me, as I have a mental file that keeps tabs on every detail so all the magic stays intact for as long as possible.

After we left out shoes, said our prayers, and gave goodnight kisses on the eve of the Feast of St. Nicholas, he came after all were alseep, and the filled shoes next to the doors went unnoticed during middle-of-the-night bathroom breaks until not-quite-6am hours of the morning.  The kids were thrilled, to say the least, going through their boots –I was informed that by leaving boots out, they may get more since there is extra capacity. Last year, I was told sandals were the way to go because there are no confines to the space — and then I heard the question:  “Is St. Nicholas Santa Claus?”

In short, a week or two ago I was asked a similar question, and related it to St. Nicholas celebrating his feast day with treats, kind of like when kids bring cupcakes into school, or people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Then, he’s the guy who celebrates Jesus’ birth in a big way come Christmas.  My son said something almost simultaneously, so I was able to dodge the question on the morning of the 6th. Lucky for me, it hasn’t come back up since.



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