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Yesterday, we had a marathon stay at a friend’s house which was basically all day.  Besides their regular crazy antics and plain old playtime, the kids cut out and decorated Christmas cookies.

I have not begun to make any of our cookies yet, but that will start probably in the next week or so.  I like ’em fresh for Christmas Day.  the batch from yesterday will be long gone by then, anyway.  But I digress…

The kids had so much fun making the cookies together, and I was stunned how long it kept their interest.  Maybe it’s strength in numbers that kept them all occupied until the frosting was completely gone.  That, and the bags of candy they were using to decorate didn’t hurt either.  Another almost alarming observation?  The older girls did not eat a single cookie until they were all decorated.  Not a one. The boys?  Let’s just say my son had one cookie, beautifully and skillfully decorated with frosting and candies, which the disappeared in rapid succession almost immediately following the last M&M had been placed.  The other little boy didn’t even get that far.  Cookie, meet mouth.

Don’t know if their interest will be held like that when they make presents at my house, but here’s to hoping…


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