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My husband went out tonight for neighborhood poker night, so my grand plan was to put the kids to bed, maybe crack open some wine, and watch a movie. Well, the kids are in bed, but the rest did not quite go to plan. But I did catch up on Glee, so I have that going for me.

The rest of my plan will have to be carrie dout another day. I love Christmas, and everything about it, and there is one movie that we happened across the first year we were married — Recipe for the Perfect Christmas.

I try to at least catch some of it each year, and my husband just rolls his eyes. It doesn’t have any great plot, isn’t necessarily Christmas-y, other than the time of yesr in which it is set, and I would most definitley consider it a chick flick. I don’t know that I would watch it, other than Christine Baranski is in it, and I’ve really liked her since she was on that show with Cybill Shepherd about 15 years ago.

Okay, okay…I do like bad movies, so I probably would watch it, anyway.


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