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Just One of Those Days

This morning, I was in my usual rush of getting the kids out the door and my daughter to school.  I’ll preface by saying nothing of the day was all that bad, just one of those frustrating combinations of annoying circumstances.  My mind was wandering to thoughts of what I had planned to do tonight (adult time of drinks then Christmas shopping), and what has just recently come up, preventing my guilty conscience from doing said evening out: the high school Christmas concert, featuring two of my neices.  (It’s not  that I don’t want to go, it’s just the Murphy’s Law-esque timing. I mean, how often do I have plans to go out sans kids…really?)

As thoughts of what I wasn’t going to do were swirling through my head, it wasn’t until I was almost to the next town that I realized that I drove right by my daughter’s school. And so the day began.

After I dropped her off — 8 minutes late — I returned home and thought the rest of the day would be smooth.  Then I remembered that I left her school library book, due today, on the counter.  My son decided to take a nap, so I should have known then that something was off. It did make it easier to get in a shower, get my youngest fed and dressed for her 3 month pictures, and head out the door to get my oldest from school, so there’s that.

We went to Target for the pictures, and I’m already having buyer’s remorse for picking the wrong shot, but we’ll see once it’s printed. We’ve been in this house for over a year, though, and the first portrait that has been on display was this year’s Christmas picture, put up just a few days ago.  Okay, maybe it was yesterday. So no harm, no foul on that one, I guess. There have been no less than three holidayportraits, two birthday portraits, and one family portrait since we moved in. Not a one has made it out of the envelope.

The nice thing was that I ran into a couple of people that I knew this morning and caught up a bit, but the quick trip turned into a not-so-quick trip, because I had myself on repeat: “come on…come on…now…let’s go…I’m leaving…”  A couple of times, I tried to get out of sight to see if it would make any impact.  No.  Darned the toy department and those kids who drop little pieces of things as they’re going through the store.  Target should put my kids on payroll for janitorial services. “Someone was piggy and dropped this…”

Then, another *quick* don’t touch anything trip to Michaels, to get one or two things to finish-up (read: make) the Christmas present for my daughter’s teacher.  God bless the man who let me in front of him in the super-long line. It only let me skip ahead by one, and they opened more lanes right as it was my turn, but still…so nice!

Parking lot havoc this time of year drives me crazy, especially when someone is waiting for the space I’m trying to get out of, nnot leaving me room to actually exit said space, lest someone else swoop in and get it.  Yeah, that happened on the way home.

I come home to find a note in the door that the internet repair guy, who was scheduled to come yesterday, was here (see earlier post). I must have just missed him, because the rain had not yet soaked the sheet.

Then we had lunch.


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