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So…I haven’t written in a while, and, even now, I’m on borrowed time. Literally.

My internet service has been down since Sunday, so I’m borrowing someone’s unsecured wi-fi from the neighborhood. Not sure who’s, but thanks! If it weren’t for the, albeit weak, signal, I would have been in quite a pickle, especially for my actual for-pay job. Which brings me to my next point.

Thanks, ISP!  That $60/month is really paying off, especially the uber-reliable fiber-optic connection, which has resulted in at least a half-dozen (conservatively speaking) service calls in the past year. I especially like sitting for days waiting for service to come fix it.  What about those who work in an office? I’d be even more ticked if I had to take several well-earned vacation days, just this week, to wait.  And wait.

So far, service went out Sunday, I called Monday and was told they didn’t need in the house but would call ahead if they did. Instead of missing an appointment for my kids, I went, and, naturally, someone came during that hour. Called my husband’s cell, not mine, which I left for the service ticket, so were long gone by the time I got home to let them in.  I called again that afternoon to set up for the next day, was told they would be here between noon and 5 (“because they go home at 6”), and…nothing. I had to pick my daughter up from school today, so imagine my surprise when there was a “sorry I missed you…please leave a cell # with customer service when you call back” note in my door when I got home.  Seriously?  It’s been five days now. And I left my cell number.  I have no other number to leave. And the company has done this before, but actually never showed up for several days, after several calls letting them know that noone has been showing up. And they don’t issue credits to the account. Fabulous!

The shame is that the repair guy(s) who routinely come to our house are very nice and helpful. The phone reps? Another issue, apparently.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Rant done.


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