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A Bird in the Hand…

You know that old saying, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush?” Well, the bush is gone.

I came home from a friend’s house with my kids this morning, and noticed a new phone book up on my porch, so I darted out the garage to the front door to grab it. While I was there, I happened to noticed a small package that had been delivered next to the step.

When I say “small package,” I mean a flat mirror box weighing 41 lbs. We have had good luck with other furniture that we ordered online recently, so we ended up ordering a set for our daughter, with the first piece of the delivery being the mirror. It was scheduled for Friday, and the remainder for today, but we’re not on some sort of schedule with this, so no big thing. The big thing is the 41 pound package that was not only dropped in our landscaping, but took out half of our holly bush on the way. (Now is about when I had a replay of that youtube video of the FedEx guy throwing a computer monitor over the gate from a few weeks back.)

What the what? About a month ago, UPS delivered several large boxes and scratched our hardwood inside, but that was from pushing one of the boxes that they were being very helpful in bringing in for me (bummed about the scratched floor, but they were super nice and I would not have been able to bring those things in myself). I get one mirror from FedEx and it’s not only not visible unless I’m at the front door, but the delivery notice (that they leave on the door to let you know where they delivered something) was on said box (not helpful, since I couldn’t see the box), and I now have a BROKEN BUSH from a box that was clearly not carefully placed that had marking indicating “fragile” and “glass” aaaaalllll over it. I’m just debating whether to contact FedEx today about it, or wait until the rest of the shipment is delivered so I don’t end up with something worse than a bush that’s been snapped to pieces.

The good news? The mirror is not broken. The bad news? The mirror isn’t broken…The back of the top wood frame is a little cracked, I’m guessing from the fall, but I’m not sure that it’s enough of a problem to report damage and get a replacement from the furniture company.


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